RAILMARK FOUNDATION was established in 1998 to support rail-related philanthropic causes in the communities in which Railmark Holdings Inc and its Subsidiaries operates. Now in its eighteenth year, Railmark and its subsidiaries provides rail services domestically and internationally in the areas of train operations, rail logistics, railcar mechanical services, track construction & maintenance, and rail development. Railmark also creates environmentally safe products used by the railroad industry, promotes and delivers them into the rail industry marketplace.

In the course of its business, Railmark has witnessed rail-related philanthropic needs not being addressed by other organizations and has established this foundation to help address those needs. The competitive rail business climate limits our company in what it can provide and contribute to these philanthropic activities and is seeking broader public participation through crowd funding, project campaigning and public awareness. While keeping these activities silent over the years as Railmark was attempting to provide these much needed services, it now seeks to offer an informative website, complete transparency and donor communications as our foundation moves to better serve others through positive and life-changing rail experiences and other philanthropic activities.

When it comes to the preservation and restoration of historic railroad equipment, Railmark's teams are demonstrated true craftsmen and preservationists. Led by RAILMARK FOUNDATION's Bob Carr, Vice President - Restoration Operations and working out of the foundation's shop located in Acme Michigan (Traverse City) and elsewhere, this group of talented and experienced men and women have restored a steam locomotive, three early diesel switchers and ten late 1880's and pre-war passenger cars spanning a period of eighteen years. Bob Carr and his company "Vintage Train Carrs" has provided specialty transport for a steam engine, four historic diesel engines, twenty-three steel passenger cars and fifteen wooden passenger cars. Railmark Railcar Services Inc has moved four passenger cars by rail flatcar, three on over the road flatbed trucks and has shipped over twelve locomotives and twenty four railcars on their own wheels. RAILMARK FOUNDATION is fortunate to have this level of experience and talent available to preserve historic, vintage rail equipment.
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